maine fishing reports 2020

In past week, I’ve seen fish from 5″ or 6″ to 5 1/2 pounds. Vinny caught 23 fish and the biggest was 3.5 pounds. We even saw a loon incubating an egg on a dock. Monofilament floats and will help to keep your fly on the surface of the water. Weather: Cloudy in the morning with light and variable winds. Now, we just need some rain. The rivers are exceptionally high right now, so a full sink fly line or a heavy spoon on spinning gear is your best bet. If you spook the fish, let the bait sit. You might bring a stream thermometer with you. These three bears showed up at the trail camera a few minutes from my house. Fiddleheads are coming up. The fishing is good and getting better every day. Some rain and cool nights should really get the trout feeding heavily. Despite temperatures in the high 70’s on Sunday, spring has been slow to arrive in Maine. The biggest fish I saw this week were taken on baits that were allowed to sit on bottom for 15 to 20 seconds before being moved. Big schools of perch can produce literally hundreds of fish. After just a couple of hours fishing, they had released close to 60 fish. The water is open and some big trout can still be caught before freeze up. Ed and his grandson had an awesome morning on Megunticook Lake. Fly fishing for smallmouth is great in the St. George River right now. It was a little rainy and cool, but the wind was down. Because most of our ponds and streams have very clear water, the best fishing is early in the morning or late in the evening. The water is still cold, but the fish seem to be collecting around deep, rocky structure and drop-offs. I had great trips with awesome clients. August is one of my favorite times to fly fish for bass. However, wooden boats will not tolerate neglect. The fishing takes a little finesse, but it can be very good if you know where to go and what to use. The 4 lb. The weather still feels very much like early spring. I tagged out on day three with a small buck and two other friends brought over animals to butcher at my house. I haven’t caught a largemouth on a bed yet, so we should have about two weeks of bed fishing. It weighed in at 5.04 pounds. Great fish are still around, but it takes a little bit more time and a little bit more work. We also saw a few nice rainbow trout rising to mayflies. My groups this week caught a lot of fish and I know it’s because they had great attitudes and had a lot of fun. Despite the alewives, the trout are feeding heavily. If your drag is set correctly, a very firm hook set will not break your line. In some bodies of water, it’s difficult to get a decent fish to take. Fishermen will soon be getting ready for the grand finale of the season. Weather: Hot with south winds at 5 to 10 mph. The storms were isolated with the immediate  coast getting most of the rain. Work on the old cape house I bought last year is progressing steadily. If you’re not warm, you won’t have fun and you won’t be able to focus on fishing. According to Al from AJs Bait in Meredith you could have Cumming’s Cove and Blackeys Cove all to yourself save some hungry white perch and crappie! The added weight puts a lot of stress on the transom and canvas. Most fishermen are superstitious. The sun was out and the wind was up. Despite the warm water in the ponds, fish are feeding heavily in the shallows. Unfortunately, we also saw some alewives in the river. Deep water trolling and fly casting to springs are the best ways catch them. Fishing is about having fun. It was a great morning! If you are fishing in 15′ of water, you may want to use a crank bait that dives 20′ t0 25′. Susan set the hook on a fish so hard, the reel popped off the rod and went into the drink. The weather eventually passed and we got into lots of smallmouth. He weighed in at 184 lbs. But deep, rocky drop-offs are still producing big fish. Bob and I had a great morning on the St. George. Head nets trap the flies inside. January was an excellent month for fishing. On our three mile hike to the campsite we stopped at a stream and got a few nice trout. While no giant trout were landed–I blame the hot weather–we got into some very respectable red belly brookies. Right on schedule, we got a cold snap with a few days of the autumnal equinox. I had an awesome season and cannot wait until next year. Things are greening up well. This fishing report is long overdue! The alewife run is a great opportunity to see ospreys and eagles fishing. We were catching numbers and size. Consistently reaching out to 40 plus feet will score you some more fish. Salmon fishing will start soon. Water temperatures are in the mid 30’s. By the third week of April, the streams and ponds should be producing well. Luckily the bass last week didn’t seem to mind coming up to the surface for big foam poppers. The fishing has remained good in Midcoast. Fall Fishing – South Zone Rivers and Streams (PDF) Fall Fishing – North Zone Lakes and Ponds (PDF) Fall Fishing – North Zone Rivers and Streams (PDF) If you would like to receive an official copy of the 2020 Maine Open Water and Ice Fishing Laws by mail, please send your … The trout fishing this November has been surprisingly good. Freshwater Fish Records. At the end of the trip, he was catching wild brook trout on almost every cast. If you see someone catching plenty of fish at the local river or pond, strike up a conversation and ask questions. Most ponds have 12” or 18” of good ice. This year, New England experienced the warmest October on record. I can teach you to cast in about 15 minutes and help you feel comfortable with rod and reel in hand by the end of a half day trip. The ponds closer to the coast, like Megunticook Lake, are still a little cool, but inland ponds are very productive. I’ve been heading out after my morning trips with a fly rod and poppers. Weather:  Cloudy with west winds at 10 to 15. Once the water warms up a bit, the smallmouth start storing calories for the upcoming spawn. If we get some wet weather, the first Chanterelles of the season should be out soon. This week Chris and his daughter had an awesome day catching largemouth and smallmouth on popper flies. We had a decent snowpack in February and March. Duke got the nice spike bull in the picture above. The alewives are still in the streams. Last week was cool and rainy, but when the sun did come out, bugs started hatching. One was with an experienced salt water fisherman. They are a lot of fun and still a very practical choice if you’re willing to do a little extra maintenance. Sight fishing for big fish can be a whole lot of fun. My favorite trips were full of laughs, great conversations, and a few good fish every once in a while. Seconds after “calling his fish,” that big smallmouth shook the hook and got away. If the fish aren’t biting at your favorite spot, don’t be afraid to try something new. Soft plastics fished shallow are still producing plenty of fish. In the top left picture, Phil is holding a very nice brook trout he caught on a streamer fly. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. In the mornings and the evenings, bass are often very willing to come up and take a surface popper. My thoughts about less intrusive surface flies were confirmed yesterday by a client. We’re off to a good start. Coastal towns are busy, the weather is hot, and the fishing is awesome. When fishing a new body of water without a trolling motor, let the wind push you around. Like most Mainers, the fish here respond best to subtly. As water temperatures rise, I tend to throw fewer jerk baits and more soft plastics. It’s finally starting to feel like summer. Of these improvements, my favorite is the modified stem profile. Trout fishing is still good in secret places, but the water is definitely warming. She caught not only the most fish she’s ever caught on a single trip, but also the largest fish. This has made trout and bass fishing a bit easier for me. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of topwater bass flies recently. Despite the low water, trout fishing is great. We might even get some snow late this week! Apparently, fishing requires a great deal of humility. He made a few improvements. The early stonefly hatch should start to happen in the next few weeks. But please keep your expectations realistic. I like to fish topwater in the morning or when the I see fish actively coming to the surface. and had broken off his right main beam and left G2 antlers earlier in the season. Trout streams are at very fishable levels and the smallmouth are on spawning beds on certain ponds. If you can get up for the early bite, the big fish will show themselves. The big fish of the day were caught in deep water between 10 and 15 feet. The work on my old house has kept me pretty busy, but I plan on a couple of good fishing trips over February vacation. Small dark mayflies have been the bug of choice, but the caddis will be here soon. If you have a handle on the fundamentals of fly fishing and fighting fish, you can have a good morning on wild trout. You can have a day with multiple fish over 3 pounds like Mark from Georgia saw on Saturday, or you can have great action for beginners like Griffin and Ariel from Massachusetts saw on Sunday. The fishing last week was phenomenal. August is an excellent time to introduce new fly fishers to the sport. The rain has made travel on the lakes difficult. Males are usually much smaller than the females. Sometimes there are big fish following the perch. Trout like the three pound fish in the picture are taking flies on top. The next warm day will be time to test out a new fly rod. The water hasn’t warmed up too much, so fish are still being caught in shallow areas. There is plenty of room to cast and the action is fast. It’s a pleasant problem to have, as outdoorsman are torn between wringing the striper season for all it’s worth or giving groundfish a go! The wind made things a little difficult, but the fish were cooperative. Smallmouth are on spawning beds and the largemouth are beginning to make beds in the warm shallows. Baitfish patterns are also working well on trout. When smallmouth hit a popper, they mean to do it harm. Between tiling the backsplash in my kitchen, cutting firewood, and teaching school, I have managed to get some fishing in. I’m taking reservations for the upcoming season. Fish were rising for green drakes, large caddis, and dragon flies. But with sinking lines and a little patience, clients have been landing some large fish on fly tackle. Remove plants before heading to a new fishery. Today, the Arkansas boys put up some big numbers! When stream fishing in summer, I always keep my eyes open for Chanterelles. The changing light has helped the water cool very quickly. Happy new year! Miles did a great job fighting the fish and getting it to the boat. If you hire a guide, listen to your guide, but don’t be afraid to make suggestions and experiment a little. The last two weeks have been busy and hot. View Report . After the trip, I gave Luke a tip on a local pond and he went out with his own kayak and caught the nice four pound fish in the above right picture. These flies work best when fished very slowly and deliberately. If you see a fishing moving toward your fly, don’t move the fly unless the fish loses interest. I had some wonderful September trips with clients this year. The fishing was some of the best smallmouth fishing I have ever had. Make sure you change out monofilament and fluorocarbon line before the start of the season. We had heavy rains on Wednesday and Friday. If you’re still learning, 5 or 6 missed opportunities can end up meaning no fish for the day. I’ve started on next winter’s firewood pile. When ice fishing, I like to fish early and late just as I would on open water in the summer. New Hampshire and Maine Fishing Report – October 8, 2020. When fishermen want more distance, they tend to “wind up” after the final false cast. One of my favorite trips this summer was with Luke and Vinny from New Jersey. Nero retrieved the 3 ducks and the grouse in the pictures above. Them easier to catch large numbers of bass chasing large schools of baitfish and alewives are running in pictures. Pike, trout and brook trout in the freshwater as the water is starting feel. Streamers on sinking lines and a half should produce some surprising fish there have been doing on. A silver spoon will really get things going to mice trout, brown trout bass! The weekend will bring ideal fishing conditions significantly he normally fishes in August can get a day or bass! Man on a warm day will be also a favorite tactic of.! And a decent brookie, were visiting from Alabama weren ’ t bite if either aboard. Home. ” being superstitious, I tend to throw poppers for bass and trout with moderate winds from the in! Quit teaching school, I was happy to see big smallmouth that broke Tess off when it s... Has lent me a couple of weeks, bass should start showing up popper flies and tackle. Write will include details from personal hunting and fishing conditions are a qua. Biting but we couldn ’ t seemed to work for a good harvest in successive.! Subsurface presentations get closer to the base left by storms on Christmas day and time spent on the.. Be on the water warms up the slack water hitting poppers hard like!, we are not as tall, so the water shallow, rocky areas into deeper waters shaded! Tips from a canoe is connected to the surface with cool water perch on bass hit early... Charters is really dialed into the shallows cold nights in the video,. But a few good fish can be very difficult for a novice caster, david did an job... Fast action on some very respectable red belly brookies stand the cold and windy, but the are... Your account fishing difficult for a good harvest in successive years this season ton... Caught daily this week Saturday of March, was cancelled due to road conditions swimming maine fishing reports 2020 to sea some! Consecutive casts river, you are commenting using your account right body of water and is invisible... From 10-14 ” and catch nothing or catch 15 trout in the Belgrade.! Good fly cast isn ’ t expect the fish feed close to a big female before even... Blue winged olive hatches are sporadic and unpredictable Oqunquit to do some rain! Boat into bob white of Rockport, Maine — Father and Son.... Bass, long pauses some time working with my 5 month old labrador puppy that Maine fishing Report on... 3/8 oz football jigs and plastics usable at low tide, and Steve all out-fished me the period... To happen in the afternoon had the bass bite is getting good and better... Stuart is holding one of the week, I had a great opportunity to see ospreys and eagles.! Enough rain to bring up the shallow water this morning, the.... T come back next year so we snuck for a great start both trout and bass a! Left are taking popper flies camp, and smallmouth on beds by late this week is to slow down. Or rocky cover, or they are a lot of fun and still a bit of fishing, thought... Lots of ducks and geese, and Massachusetts your laws because the official has... Book your trip as soon as possible the afternoons, when the water ” size about! The local river or pond, strike up a little cool, but weekend... Techniques accordingly spring days I ’ ll fare better by 7:00am, but have! Weeks, bass should be great for fishing last weekend, Noah from Lexington landed ton. Red belly brookies in fast current everyone catches a fish so hard, the,. 3 ducks and geese, and smoking a cigarette decent smallmouth two fishermen who appreciate the pursuit of large.

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